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Her two sisters Carol and Christine, brother Michael are there as a "dating intervention." They all have pictures of men they want to set Sarah up with. Michael seems to be having marital woes, and his wife doesn't like their big dog "Mother Teresa" so she is staying with Sarah indefinitely.Her family is very intrusive, even scolding Sarah for not having much food in the house. Finally, the family leaves after putting the pictures up on the refrigerator. but ends up putting one magazine picture of an attractive man up there. She seems to have a few colleagues who work under her.See more » : The best place to meet a guy is at the supermarket.You don't need to waste a lot of time there, either.They include Leo, a kind gay guy and June, a young perky blond.

Sometimes a relationship would come down to a prospective partner not understanding or having the same love for their dogs/animals as our friends, she explains.

The rational side of his brain acknowledged that of course, not ALL women with dogs place an unnaturally high priority on the dog in their life.

But the emotional side of his brain had been hurt and wanted to protect him from being exposed to any additional dog-crazy women.

Dogs Life speaks to the couples behind Australias two premier doggy dating sites Tom and Jodie OBrien from Love Me Love My Pet, and Paul and Violetta Muccitelli from Meet A Pet Lover to find out how these sites work.

After creating your own profile with information and pictures of you and your pet, you can connect with other dog owners via email and message boards to try and find your perfect match.

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Whether its making new friends at the dog park or simply attracting plenty of attention from the opposite sex when you’re out for a walk, our canine companions have a knack for breaking down social barriers and acting as conversation starters.