Top 4 dating pet peeves of men

Posted by / 21-Oct-2017 08:44

If you want to impress the woman of your dreams, you have to make an effort to be the best man that you can be.

That isn’t to say that you need to have a movie-star profile or a boatload of money. However, you need to get rid of the bad habits that turn women off the most.

Before I could even get a word out—or put my clothes on for that matter—he offered to get me an Uber.[Read: Top 9 reasons men get rejected by the women they want] Why do you need to get rid of these bad habits? Because of that, you have the ability to turn around and develop good habits to counteract the bad.You are not essentially changing your whole personality. Whenever I'm trying to sleep, they're breathing on me with their horrible morning breath and poking me with their morning wood." Gabriela 25"I can't stand it when men act like they know everything, and instead of pleasing you, all they're trying to do is please themselves-selfish bastards." Lindsay 23"I hate it when a guy thinks cleansing your face with his tongue is considered French kissing." Camille 30"I hate it when guys are completely naked but forget to take off their socks." Leyla 25"Guys need to spend more slow time on the breasts. You don't have to hit points A, B, and C in three seconds." Mady 35"What men do wrong in bed is they speak! Krystal 24"I hate when guys are all over me in the morning!

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To ensure all of your lady lovers will want to come back for more, we asked 19 remarkably candid women to reveal their biggest post-sex pet peeves.