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Antiquequiltdatingguides com

Open design and transfer to block with carbon paper. Print on larger 12" (30.5 cm) square paper rotating around the square to make a radial balance design.

Resource: The Hawaiian Quilter by Helen Friend Submitted by: Sue Holland UNIT: Quiltmaking, Experimental Watercolor techniques Lesson: Paper quilts Grade level: 4rth grade (elementary) See finished Quilt See watercolor techniques - give student some choices to try.

He also created this unforgettable history, a collection of carefully preserved letters, newspaper articles, and firsthand accounts about refugees' hardships, narrow escapes, and deadly struggles. Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad - Hidden in Plain View documents Tobin and Raymond Dobard's journey of discovery, linking Ozella's stories to other forms of hidden communication from history books, codes, and songs. You can keep the same project but change the medium.

Each quilt, which could be laid out to air without arousing suspicion, gave slaves directions for their escape. The first time I tried this I had them use Colored Pencils. I would like to try this project on colored paper instead of always using white.

Feathered designs were stitched in a variety of motifs such as a garland, wreath, pineapple, and heart.

Feathered designs were commonly used on red and green appliqué quilts made in the middle years of the 19th century and on Colonial Revival style appliqué quilts made in the 20th Century before the second World War. Hanging diamonds were squares on point, often used in conjunction with feathered patterns. They were stitched around appliquéd pieces to hold the batting on place and fill in the background areas of the quilt. Another common choice for an all over pattern patchwork and utilitarian quilts is a square grid.

Chevron's were straight lines forming "V's" filling the width of the border in a zigzag shape.

One, two, and three lines decreasing in size formed the cables and chevrons.

After the Civil War the size of the handing diamond increased and it became the sole quilting pattern on some patchwork quilts.As the allover pattern, the squares were large to larger in size.HOME ILLINOIS QUILT HISTORY – Community by Community RESEARCHER’S CORNER QUILT PAPER ITEMS (EPHEMERA) STUDY GROUPS SPEAKERS ILLINOIS READING LIST QUILT HISTORY LINKS ITEMS FOR SALE ITEMS WANTED ABOUT ME CONTACT “Eagle Quilts – Antique, Vintage, and New” is a Power Point-formatted presentation of the eagle motif in U. Susan shares, "My Eagle Quilt History Study Cd is a mixture of photographs and descriptions.Larger size diamonds are found on vintage quilts.4.Another common choice for an all over pattern patchwork and utilitarian quilts is a square grid.

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Submitted by: Kelli Wilkie Unit: African American & American Folk Art- Quiltmaking -Printmaking Lesson: Linoleum Reduction Print Quilts Grade level: Middle School (adaptable to elementary with foam plate) Alternate Lesson: Hawaiian Quilt Designs -Radial Balance -Symmetry Paper Quilt Lesson by Sue Holland - below Linda Erling-Baker - 2nd Grade Quilt Idea below Related Lesson: (Archive) "Freedom Quilts" Kennedy Arts Edge Related Lesson: (Archive) Quilt Blocks: Geometry with a Cultural Warmth by Patty Winkler Vocabulary: Symmetry, Radial balance, line of symmetry, point of symmetry, reflection, mirror image, rotation, positive/negative shape.